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Paternity & Parentage

“Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father.” -- Lydia Marina Francis Child

According to recent statistics, somewhere between two-fifths and half of all children in the United States are born out of wedlock. The rate in the State of Kansas is slightly lower, between a third and two-fifths, but still quite a significant percentage regardless. While it is possible for two non-married parents to seamlessly work together to raise their child(ren), these couples are the exception rather than the rule. More often than not, however, difficulties are had, fights ensue, and the child(ren) suffer as they do not receive the monetary and emotional support they should from both of their parents because of the parents’ dysfunctional relationship.   

The remedy to that situation is the Kansas Parentage Act – often called the “paternity process” --  which allows a parent to seek orders regarding the custody of the minor child(ren), to fix the parenting time of the other parent, and create a child support obligation to make sure the child(ren) are properly provided for. Since 2013, the Law Office of Christopher J. Velez has helped dozens of individuals and families in Southwestern Kansas bring stability to their and their children’s live through the paternity process. And would like the chance to help you do the same.

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