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Estate Planning & Probate

“I want to leave my children enough that they can do anything, but not so much that they do nothing.”-- Warren Buffet

There is no pithy, catch-all term for the practice of law related to the dead. (Notwithstanding the popularity of “dead people law” in some quarters of the bar.) It can best be thought of as consisting of estate planning, which is all that is done in preparation for one’s death, and probate, which is all that occurs afterwards to implement your estate planning.   

A popular -- and unfortunate -- misconception is that “estate planning” is something that people with names like Thurston Howell III need, but which is of little use or consequence to ordinary people. The truth of the matter is that every individual, no matter how wealthy they are, can benefit from conducting estate planning. This is because the purpose of most estate planning is not financial. (At least not directly, anyway.)

The true purpose of estate planning is to make sure that you live your final days on your terms and minimize the stress upon your heirs and family resulting from your passing. It is about making sure that your final wishes are made clear and executed through a will and/or trust; that your choice of individuals are empowered with a power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to; and to avoid, to the greatest degree possible, the need for probate litigation. And because estate planning is primarily about easing the burden on one’s loved ones, it can be a boon to anyone who might be interested in making their family’s lives easier in a difficult time.

Since 2013, the Law Office of Christopher J. Velez has helped dozens of individuals and families in Southwestern Kansas investigate their options and plan for their final days. And would like the chance to help you do the same.

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