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“My husband and I have never considered divorce...murder sometimes, but never divorce.” -- Joyce Brothers

The ending of a marriage is never an easy thing. Divorce proceedings mark the ending of a union intended to be lifelong, with all of the acrimony and rancor that might rightly be felt over such, to say noting of the feelings associated with dividing up the children. They also signal the coming of financial turmoil and instability, as one household is forcibly cleaved into two via litigation over marital property and spousal support. Litigation which is, as often as not, the parties’ first exposure to the arcane world of the judiciary. The onset of a divorce, as a result, is often the most stressful, worrying, and confusing time of a person’s life.

In such times, what is most often needed is a knowledgeable and trustworthy confidante to assist you and your family in getting through such difficult times. Someone to listen, advise, reassure, and commiserate with through one of life’s most arduous trials. Since 2013, the Law Office of Christopher J. Velez has helped dozens of individuals and families in Southwestern Kansas navigate the divorce process. And would like the chance to help you do the same.

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