Christopher J. Velez, Esq.

How can you not trust a face like that?

(Don't answer that.)

Bare-Stockinged Esquire Sightings

C.J. -- as he prefers to be called -- was born and raised in Dover, Delaware, in whose environs he spent his formative years. He dropped out high school at 16, promptly acquired his GED, and went to a four-year school well before he was old enough to vote. C.J. received a Bachelor of Arts from High Point University in 2006, majoring in history. He further received a Juris Doctor from Washburn University School of Law in 2010, double-majoring in heartburn and esoteric electives. While in law school, C.J. found the time to be actively involved with The Federalist Society, but not to acquire any Pepto-Bismal.

C.J. was admitted to practice in Kansas in 2012. Arriving in Garden City a few weeks after being sworn in, he became a road warrior for YoungWilliams Child Support Services, enforcing child support rights assigned to the State of Kansas in the outlying counties of the 25th and 26th Judicial Districts. This love affair with US-83 was fleeting, however, as C.J. established his own firm in 2013 at the corner of Kansas Avenue and Fleming Street. Where he can often be found to this day, practicing law while not wearing any footwear.

C.J. is a member of the Kansas and Finney County Bar Associations, for whose functions shoes are donned. (Usually.) In addition to being a member of the umbrella Kansas Bar Association, he is also a member of the Kansas Bar Association's Family Law, Oil & Gas, and Young Lawyers sections.

The Legend of the Bare-Stockinged Esquire

All attorneys owe a duty of candor: To the courts, their clients, to each other, and above all else to themselves. That last one is the hardest to uphold, as it requires recognizing the limits of one's own abilities. I had to wrestle with that in the process of reforging this website, and I was saddened to see that I could not write about myself in a solemn and detached "professional" manner without violating the duty of candor.

For I am an irreverent snark for whom levity and glibness are reflexive. It would be distasteful, both ethically and professionally, to portray myself as anything other than that. 

--Christopher J. Velez

A Word From The Founder